Monday, May 2, 2011

So many things @_@

Okay, I don't post here a lot 'cause well I don't... I PROVIDE NO EXPLANATION! :P

Anyway, I have been doing a whole lot of stuff.  Joined PRIDE at work, circulated information about CT-HB6599 my state's bill to protect against discrimination based on gender identity/expression.  It is still being stared confoundedly at by them silly politicians.  No, but seriously I hope they approve it.

Went to the Transgendered Lives: The Intersection of Health and Law conference and it was great.  It isn't just on the internet that support exist but there was a whole damn conference geared for it!  I was hemming and hawing about what name to use and eventually I went with Orva and so I spent a whole day walking around with a name tag that read just that, "Orva".  I went to a bunch of interesting talks, one about how to managed advocacy, job, and life which was a good idea because well I got advocacy, job, life, and trans-stuff/mental health in general. Another was by the endocrinologist who WILL be the person I would go to in order to get HrT if I choose to, or when I can get rid of the bogart of doubt.  Then there was one about deal with insurance exclusions which I am hoping will help out PRIDE as part of our agenda is to gain equal health care for transgendered peoples through the company insurance. 

The keynote speaker was AWESOME!  And also one of my therapist mentors; it is quite obvious where she got some of her opinions from, don't worry they are good ones.  His speech centered around many points but one that is interesting is that in western society we really don't believe in total health.  Rather we believe in the absence of sickness.  General well-being is overlooked because it isn't optimal for capitalism.  And transgenderism, that is an issue of well-being.  It isn't a sickness, it isn't a plague rather it is a condition that, like many causes individuals to be unhappy about themselves.  Thus it shouldn't be treated as a plague or a sickness and it is not "cured" by HrT or SRS, rather when an individual has become comfortable with themself and the issue of well being is resolved.

He also brought up a bunch of documents quite similar to many countries' bills of rights that were constructed regarding gender identity and expression.  Plus he was just about as wise as Yoda and kind of looked like him to, AWESOMENESS!

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  1. sounds like you had a good time, glad to hear things are going well.

    and has for those points you brought up about healthcare in the US, YES, that makes so much sense and explains so much.